A Millennial Today (Part 1)

So what does it mean to be a millennial in today’s society?  Does it mean that I am entitled?  Does it mean I have it easy?  Does it mean that I will be guaranteed success?  Well in short no it does not.  Living in the world today means that you have opportunity.  Never before has such an abundance of opportunity been so prevalent.

So what opportunities do we have that other generations did not have growing up one might ask?  Well the answer to that is both simple and complex.  For starters we have this beautiful thing called the internet.  Never before has so much information been as readily accessible as it is on the internet.  I get it “What does the internet have to do with me James?”.  I can already hear the question, before I even post this.

Well this means that there has never been a better time to be ALIVE!  One can simply look to an app or the internet to find out whatever information they want!  Say you want to know how to make banana pancakes.  Look it up and seemingly out of thin air a recipe appears.  Sure this is a simple example that we all know but YOU, yes YOU can and should apply this same concept to achieve whatever it is that your trying to achieve.

In short there are so many resources out in the world today for Millennials as well as other generations to use.  Tap into your creative side and use them.  Times are changing and opportunities exist.  But success will not be achieved unless you work towards it.


James A. Lovejoy


3 thoughts on “A Millennial Today (Part 1)

  1. I agree with you…. but it should just be a jump off point. Never give up on personal communication and good ole hard work with blood, sweat and tears!


  2. The information age is incredible and in regards to your point on banana pancakes, we no longer rely on those old family recipes! We can simply use one of the multiple search engines and find a recipe within minutes and you can even find multiple types from multiple regions for the savory outcome! Additionally, I’m glad to say that I no longer have to travel to unknown cities carrying a huge folded up map!


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