Angel Flight

My original plan for the week was to write a follow up blog on personal finance and how credit scores can give you an advantage.  Instead, I want to focus on something more close to my heart that happened on Monday July 10th.  A military KC-130 aircraft with 16 military members on board had crashed.  The accident happened approximately 4 P.M local time in Mississippi and included 15 Marines and 1 Navy Sailor.

This story is close to my heart for many reasons but for two prominent reasons.  The first reason being, I lost a family member while she was serving in the Army.  The second being that I, myself, am part of the C-130 community as a C-130 mechanic in the Air Force.  I wanted to express my condolences for the situation at hand.

As many people do not know, when an aircraft crashes (military or civilian) an investigation is launched.  The investigation is led by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and aided by the owning agencies and aviation experts.  These investigations are extraordinarily thorough. They cover what happened and determine the “probable cause” of the accident.  But what these investigations do not explain is the heartache that comes with such a tragedy.  The heartache that is instilled in the family of the loved ones involved. The pain they feel as they hear the news of the incident was likely immense.  A pain that they will slowly learn to live with, yet never forget.

16 people were on board that aircraft.  16 people that raised their right hand and made the decision to serve the United States of America.  Those 16 individuals had families, friends, coworkers, and many other people that cared about them.  People they brought joy, happiness, laughter, memories, and most importantly love to.

Being in the C-130 community, I may have never known these people, but I feel deeply saddened by such a catastrophic event.  I just want to personally thank each and every one of the people that serve alongside me in the United States military and further ask that everyone keep these 16 members and their families in your thoughts.





James A. Lovejoy


**  For those that don’t know, an Angel Flight is the flight that is used to carry Military Members home after they have passed away in the line of duty.  It is flown by a C-130 and offers a salute by shooting flares in the shape of an angel for the fallen.

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