How Failure Helps YOU Succeed

The world we live in today is a world where failure is frowned upon.  When you fail at something, people have a hard time trusting you to complete that task in the future.  It sometimes gives you the feeling that you’re not good enough.  But let me tell you something about failure.  It propels you to success.  It pushes your boundaries.  It makes you the best damn you that you can be.

Google’s definition of failure is “the lack of success,” but that is only true if you make it true in your head.  Sure society doesn’t reward failure.  You’ll never miss the buzzer beater shot and win a basketball game or miss an important business deal and get paid.  Basically you will never “fail” and “get ahead.” But is it actually true?


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill.


Many people do not like the idea of failure, myself included.  However, failure is something that should be embraced.  Something that you can use to mold yourself into the person you want to become.  Essentially, failure is life’s greatest teacher.  Children do not try to walk one time, fall down, then decide “oh maybe walking isn’t for me, maybe I will just crawl my whole life.”  Children persevere.  They stand up take a step and fall down.  They bump into stuff and fall over.  In spite of all that, they try again. What they do best is getting back up.  They try and fail in a continuous cycle until they are able to walk without falling.  They simply walk around without the slightest thought of the many struggles they had prior.    If children can utilize their failures to better themselves, why can’t adults?  The truth of the matter is that we can and we should.

Personally, I have failed many times and many times I have felt frustrated and wanted to quit. Trust me, there were times that I did quit.   Looking back now, I don’t regret failing at those things, I regret quitting because of the thought of failing again.  I didn’t persevere; I simply gave up. Now I’ve come to terms with those failures and have changed my thoughts on failure.  Today I embrace that I am stronger than I once was because of failure.  You can also embrace failure.

You’re going about your day reading this blog, likely thinking to yourself of something that you’ve failed at.  As you think of it, that something might still irritate you.  Don’t let it.  Change your thoughts to capitalize on failure.  Use failures to propel you into a lifelong success story.  Success takes time.  Nothing worth having is ever easy to obtain, because if it was, every single person in the world would have it.

One of the hardest parts that comes with failing is maintaining a positive attitude.  It’s hard to fail and remain positive.  However, remaining positive is essential.  By allowing that failure to define you, you allow your mind to make excuses as to why you shouldn’t succeed.  If you let go of those toxic thoughts and reshape your brain into thinking there are more chances, you will eventually achieve!  Your mind will come up with solutions instead of problems leading you to success in the area that you once failed at. Success will be that much sweeter.





James A. Lovejoy


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