Enjoy it While You Can

“You do what you can for as long as you can, and when you finally can’t, you do the next best thing. You back up but you don’t give up.” General Chuck Yeager


When it comes to life, there are many statements people regularly say. However, one statement that I often hear is “enjoy it while you can.”  This exact phrase may not be used, but the concept will be; life changes so embrace the good days…today.

Life is an endless change.  We change careers, vehicles, homes, states, and even our shoes.  We upgrade, downgrade, swap, or exchange.  It seems to never end.  However, as one thing comes to an end, we always reminisce.  We love to remember the ‘old days’ and think about how great they were.  We think to ourselves: “if only I could be there again.”  Although the memories are sweet, we tend to forget to focus on something of great importance.

We forget to enjoy the moment we are in!  There are a million reasons to celebrate today.  Looking back at the past and all the nostalgia that comes with it takes away from the beauty we have in our lives today.  There are many moments that we take for granted.  Many times we should be thankful and happy with where we are.  But we aren’t.  We just search for all that is wrong with our lives and never focus on all that’s right until it has already passed.

This week I want to challenge everyone to see what is good in their lives.  Look around and make a small list.  You don’t have to physically write one, just make mental notes.  Do that and watch how much your perspective on life changes.




James A. Lovejoy


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5 Powerful Ways Goal Setting can Improve Your Life

“Begin with the end in mind.”  -Steven Covey


Goal setting is something that can change your life.  It is typically the first thing someone does before achieving anything worthwhile.  They fuel dreams and aid in personal betterment.  The following are five powerful reasons why setting goals can and will improve your life.


  1. Time Management

Setting a goal gives you direction.  Direction that pushes you to take better control of your time.  You learn to schedule more effectively as you progress in achieving this goal, otherwise it may never be met.  Time management becomes a necessity.  You may not be an expert time manager at first, but over time you will learn.  I found that the more goals I set the better my time management skills became.  In addition, having effective time management made my life less stressful.  Like most things, I started small with my time management, like checking the mail every other day instead of daily. Yes that seems simple, but after finding many little ways to save time, I began to gain hours each day to work towards my own goals.


  1. Achievement

People strive for achievement in almost everything they do.  Even though the reasons behind the effort may not be the same, the desire is usually there.  Setting goals is one way to effectively achieve something.  If you do not set a goal, you will just blindly throw darts at whatever may be in the path. Sure you might hit something worthwhile, but the odds are not in your favor.  You have to set your mind on a goal, in order to accomplish it.  One of my current achievements I am working towards is finishing my Bachelor of Science degree.  I narrowed down my vision to better direct my actions towards obtaining this tremendous achievement.



  1. Keeps YOU on Track

Staying on track isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  You get tossed around and “something always pops up”.  Basically, things almost never go according to plan (If they do for you, tell me your secret).  Setting a goal and continuing your efforts towards the completion of that goal, literally keep you on the track.  It doesn’t allow the things in life that typically distract you to continue to distract you.  FOCUS.  I have had unexpected bills and situations pop up that required my immediate attention; but since I have a goal set (Bachelor of Science) I stayed on course.  You’ll see how easy it is to stay on track when you set a goal.


  1. Makes you decide what you want

Setting a goal makes you think.  It makes you wonder.  Heck, it may even make you dream.  However, one thing is certain; setting a goal is a great way to determine what you actually want.  By setting a goal you have to think about what it is you truly want to accomplish.  That will vary largely from person to person.  Furthermore, when you think of a goal for yourself, you will consider multiple variables such as your values, your beliefs, and your future.  You have to imagine where you want to be and what sort of goal corresponds with that.  You wouldn’t want to study art if your ideal goal was to become an automotive engineer.  They don’t correlate very well.  Of course not all goals are going to have such a large impact on your life.


  1. Motivation

Goal setting motivates people at their core.  A goal gives you purpose.  That purpose then gives you drive.  It pushes you to focus your efforts.  Your life will change, as will your goals but the motivation to achieve these goals will never go away.


What are some of your goals?  Are your goals professional or personal?



James A. Lovejoy


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