Life Isn’t Fair. Get Over It

An endless struggle.  A never ending “he/she is so lucky to have…” or “my life would be so much better if…”  Is this the best way to think about such an unfair life?  It couldn’t be…could it?  Life simply isn’t fair.  It’s hard, it’s cruel, it’s messy, but it is also magnificent.

Life truly is a wonder.  It’s an experience that is best felt individually.  YOUR experience is the best experience for YOU, and your NEIGHBORS’ is best for THEM.  We are all individuals living in this complex world.  We all have self-doubt, pity, goals, achievements, strengths and weaknesses.  Live your best life.  But how?  How do you live the best possible life that you can?  The answer is ever so simple. Put in the work!  Complaining doesn’t get you anywhere. LIFE IS NOT FAIR!  GET OVER IT!

I have been both on top of the world and pushed so far down that I thought I was never getting back up.  Both for reasons beyond my control.  I have been in a position to make a positive difference in the outcome of other people’s lives (you better believe I did), and I have also been placed in a hospital for weeks where I had to learn how to walk for a SECOND time in my life!  I wake up every single day with a fiery determination.  A determination to be better, to have fun, to simply live my absolute best life.  You see life is not fair.  Not to me, not to you, nor to anyone.  It kicks you down.  It pushes you around.  It buries you.  However, that doesn’t mean you need to stay there.  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and trek on.  Life is a journey.  A journey that is yours to make. Don’t compare it with others.  Each person’s journey is different.  That’s what makes you unique, makes you special.  So get out there and live life the best way you possibly can.  We need you to!



James A. Lovejoy

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