Don’t Remain Stagnant

“Just do it” – Nike


Nike, a modern day iconic brand.  They are everywhere.  From golf to tennis to street wear.  They sell clothing, helmets, shoes, and basically anything you can think of that is sport related.  They simply are involved in everything.    So why should you follow the Nike campaign in your everyday life?

Nobody wants to stay stagnant that’s is why.  If you don’t then you WILL stay stagnant.  Google’s definition of stagnant is “showing no activity; dull and sluggish.”  So with that definition ask yourself, “Am I stagnant?”  If you are stagnant, are you content with that?  Well many of your answers are likely no.  So what are you going to do about it?

Nike’s advertising campaign is more than just a slogan.  “Just do it” is a calling.  It is something that is vague enough to reach a large audience, yet powerful enough to get those people to make a change.  Now what can you learn from their slogan?  You can learn to do exactly what it says, “Just do it.”  You should take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to you in life.  Everyone is scared to take risks and everyone is scared of the unknown.  But should that fear really stop you from achieving anything in life?  NO!  Nothing should stop you from achieving your dream life.

You should follow Nike’s advice and go out and do whatever it is that you’re contemplating doing.  Chances are you do have enough knowledge on the subject to be successful and if not you can learn along the way.  Put your excuses and your ego out of the way and get started already.  We all have busy lives, we all have doubt, and we all have goals.  So learn how to better schedule your time, stop doubting your abilities and go out there and achieve your goals.  Go out and live your dream life and enjoy every single day of it.


James A. Lovejoy


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