Life is a Work in Progress

“Life is a work in progress that never is complete.  We learn a different lesson from each experience we meet.” –Tom Krause

              What does it mean to be a work in progress?  The phrase seems to have negative connotation to it.  Something that sounds vile; after all it is admitting that we DO NOT have all the answers.  It seems to show our weak spots because it shows that we don’t actually have our lives fully together.  But does it have to be that way?  I’m sure you’ve realized at this point the answer is NO.

I for one am proud to say that my life is a work in progress.  I am even willing to admit that it will likely always be that way.  Admitting this to myself gives me the ability to grow and learn new things.  I now have the opportunity to try something, fail, and reattack it from a different angle. It allows me options, these options help me build my own path and figure things out the best ways I know how.  But most importantly it allows me, you and everyone else to understand that mistakes happen, learn from them and move on.

I have made more than mistakes and failures than I would like to admit.  But they all helped me realized that life is a continuous project.  A project that is people specific.  Who we are today is by no means who we are going to be in the future.  Most of us will grow and stretch ourselves to be better than who we are today.  We will all change, and change is a good thing.  We should change.  We need to continue to change our lives for the better and if possible help others change their lives.

What is the next goal in progress in your life?  Let me know below in the comments!
James A. Lovejoy


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4 thoughts on “Life is a Work in Progress

  1. Great post about failure. Kinda went through my own up and down in terms of failure and just now I’m coming to terms with it (and still trying hard to accept it). If you’re interested I’ve collated a lot of personal stories about peoples’ failure stories (in every aspect from work to academics to relationships etc), to try and normalise failure in today’s society.(

    Apart from that though, keep up the good work and posts. Hope that you get far!

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