Personal Values: The Reason You do What You do

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”  Roy E. Disney


Personal values are the lifeblood to personal decision making.  Whether you realize it or not, your values are the reason why you act the way you act and live the way you live.  There are many values that people hold dear to themselves. Five values that I strongly believe in are: perseverance, respect, humor, acceptance, and simplicity. These values are my guidelines that I use in my everyday life.

Perseverance is a form of continuation. The ability to overcome all odds.  Growing up I didn’t have a whole lot.  My parents struggled early in my life, but it was that struggle that gave me something indispensable.   I didn’t realize it at the time, but I learned what it meant to persevere.  I saw it in action. I watched them push through challenges and still maintain a positive attitude.  So persevere through your struggles and enjoy your future success.

Respect is showing proper admiration for something.  Now respect is a value that is often overlook as society becomes busier than ever.  Showing respect for someone means that you are willing to put your differences aside to treat all situations with equal fairness. Everyone has different values, ideals, opinions, and lifestyles, but that doesn’t mean we should treat them with disrespect.  Everyone wants to be respected and everyone deserves that respect, until proven otherwise.

Humor makes life bearable. Without humor, life can get too serious and often stressful.  Everyone’s time on this Earth is limited.  So it is imperative to keep life enjoyable.  My way of doing this is through humor.  It brightens the mood and keeps things light even in dire situations.  Now everyone should work hard, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself and laugh often.

Acceptance is a tricky value. Everyone wants to be accepted. Humans are social creatures. They crave attention, but even more so they crave acceptance. But what does acceptance do for us?  Does it make us more popular?  More special?  More money?  Well acceptance makes us feel needed and wanted.  It makes us feel that what we are doing is important.  No matter where your source of acceptance comes from, don’t forget to embrace your own acceptance.

Simplicity is just keeping things simple. In an overbearing and complex world there is absolutely no reason to make things harder than it needs to be. In fact, many management theories have been based on simplicity.  So if major organizations are learning from these studies and management theories, why aren’t we?  When complexities exist, it increases the chance for mistakes and errors. Which is counterproductive to the end goal.  So practice keeping your life simple and find that the stress just melts off.

Now the point of me telling you my personal values isn’t just so that you know me more.  It is a calling for you to take a look at your life and figure out what your own personal values are.  By showing you what my values are, I am hoping to get you to reflect on your own life. Learn why you make decisions the way you do, because it will put you in a position to change your life for the better.  Not all values are good but by determining what your values are; you can find your weak values.  You can then use that knowledge to change your life for the better.  So what are some of your values?


James A. Lovejoy


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2 thoughts on “Personal Values: The Reason You do What You do

  1. Some solid core values there. I think that once you realize/decide what your core values are, it makes things a lot easier. You know yourself and how you want to live your life. The quote from the start of your blog sums it up perfectly. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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